How to Launch a Side Hustle and Get out of Debt

A side hustle is not a part-time job. A side hustle is not the gig economy. It is an asset that works for you.  Specifically, an asset that works for you means that it can create freedom in more areas than just finances.  Brainstorm work opportunities that you’ve been dreaming about – don’t let perceived roadblocks stop you.

Motivation to push forward with a side hustle is the key to creating momentum.  Forget pyramid schemes or other get rich quick programs.  Above all, you have the ability to generate additional income by leveraging your existing skills.

You don’t need to risk everything to create a lucrative side hustle.  Keep your day job and use extra hours in the day to set up strategic systems that allow for automation to start generating additional income.  Most importantly, move your thought process from focusing on an hourly wage to opportunities that can generate passive income.  Everything from launching a niche blog, purchasing a rental property, or starting a digital marketing agency.

Combining a consistent side hustle with your day job creates freedom in your life and finances.

Finally, when you launch a successful side hustle the increased confidence and flexibility will give you the ability to think bigger about your life.  Living in freedom allows for an incredible amount of unique opportunities.  You’ll have the ability to put yourself in the path of growth – find people and work that creates space.

Find your motivation.

  • Define the reasons you want to launch your side hustle.
  • Write out what you want to accomplish and how to get there.
  • Define measurable goals that allow you to stretch yourself.

Find your path.

  • Once you’ve defined your side hustle start moving forward.
  • Read articles from experts and learn what others have done.
  • Talk with mentors and friends about your plans.  Have them keep you accountable as you move forward.

Find your network.

  • Network with others that have similar interests.  If you choose to start investing in real estate, start networking with other investors in your city.
  • Learn from others how they started, what tools they used, and roadblocks that caused pain.

Put your plan together to pay down debt.

  • One of the most significant drivers for your side hustle could be paying down debt that has sitting around for years.  Use the additional funds to focus on your highest interest accounts first.
  • As you make progress and get rid of debt altogether, you’ll find freedom in knowing that you created a side hustle that isn’t only giving you freedom in life, but also in finances.