31 of the Best Networking Questions

31 of the Best Networking Questions

The best networking questions can be tough to create, but these are vital in getting what you need out of your next conversation.  Networking is one of the most important factors when trying to create unique and powerful connections in your community.  Reaching out to people and asking them to grab coffee takes guts, but its totally worth the effort.  Prepare some unique questions and you’ll always have something interesting to talk about, it doesn’t take much time to write down 5 to 10 questions that may be relevant to your contact.  Preparation will show that you know what you’re talking about – and you’ll get some great tips that you can leverage to make positive decisions in the future.

My networking experiences have generated serious opportunities for my career and in real estate.  Interesting people know interesting people and you’ll never know the potential until you ask.  I’ve created my own list many times of the best networking questions – it’s paid off 10x.

All it takes is a simple email to your contact, ask them if you can buy them coffee or lunch, pick a spot and spend 30-45 mins.  Give them a mini agenda of your networking questions before you arrive, this will give them some prep time to think about your questions.   You’ll get some great answers that should be more than a “shoot from the hip” answer.

Read through the questions below and take some notes for your next networking event.  Go for it and move to action.

Networking Question Ideas

  1. What is the single biggest success in your career that has come out of your startup?
  2. Why are you an entrepreneur?
  3. What are the top five things that you would tell a new entrepreneur?
  4. How did you get started with your first business?
  5. What do you think of the startup community in the area?
  6. What are the top 5 areas that you will focus on this year?
  7. What problem is your business or product solving?
  8. How do you structure your development roadmap?
  9. What would you do differently at the beginning of your startup, knowing what you know now?
  10. What are your top leadership qualities?
  11. How will you define success for your business this year?
  12. How will you define success for you this year?
  13. What is the most fascinating piece of the technology that your business has created?
  14. Did you create a business plan before launching your business?
  15. Is your business planning to release any “game changing” technology in 2013?
  16. How many employees do you have?
  17. How many employees will you be adding in 2013?
  18. What is your elevator pitch?
  19. How is you target customer and why are they buying your products?
  20. How does your business convert customer feedback into future product innovation?
  21. Do you like using the word “innovation”?
  22. What are your top three favorite characteristics of your employees?
  23. What makes your business successful on a daily basis?
  24. Where do you want you business to be in five years?
  25. How does your business give back to the community?
  26. If your business  could only do one thing this year, what would you do?
  27. What is your favorite startup failure?
  28. How has failure shaped where you are today?
  29. How have you managed through failure?
  30. Are you still working on your original business idea?
  31. How has your business morphed since you wrote the original business plan?

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